Did you know there’s now an English-language edition of Kletsheads? You can listen by visiting the website at kletsheadspodcast.org or by searching for Kletsheads [English edition] in your favourite podcast app. The format is the same but the content is new, for the most part at least. The first season of (the Dutch edition of) Kletsheads included several episodes with English-speaking guests, so we’ve started by incorpating these into new episodes, completely in English. I’ll also be joined by many more new experts from around the world, as well as English-speaking bilingual children as our Kletsheads of the week and English-speaking parents or professionals as part of the feature Let’s Klets. Note that if you already to subscribe to the Dutch edition and want to follow the English one, too, you’ll need to subscribe to the English edition separately! Veel luisterplezier!